Work with one of our skilled trainers on the Pilates equipment to achieve your goals. Training one-on-one or one-on-two with personalized attention from a professional maximizes your progress.



Whether you are new to Pilates, stepped away from your fitness routine, or are coming back from an illness or injury, this is the perfect way to reboot. Start right with a private, 75-minute, one-on-one session.
First, you and your teacher will discuss your health history, goals, and stumbling blocks.
Then you’ll dive into a private in-depth Pilates Mat and Apparatus workout.
Finally, your Reboot session wraps up with your teacher outlining an individualized action plan of classes and lessons, along with helpful tips to speed you towards health and vigor.

$150 includes a 75-minute Private Session and surprise gift to welcome you into our community.

If you are recovering from an injury, private sessions are recommended. Your trainer analyzes your posture and gait, tests your muscles for strength and flexibility, and works closely with you to correct faulty movement patterns. It’s the hardest work you may ever do, but you will be transformed.


Apprentice Teacher – Danielle
Private Sessions: $70/single, $660/ten
Duet: $45/single, $420/ten
Trio: $35/single, $330/ten


Certified Teacher – Andrea, Beverly, Ryan
Private Sessions: $105/single, $1,000/ten
Duet: $70/single, $660/ten
Trio: $50/single, $470/ten


Senior Teacher – Jackson, Nadia
Private Sessions: $120/single, $1,140/ten
Duet: $80/single, $760/ten
Trio: $60/single, $570/ten


Expert Teacher – Carol, Beth
Private Sessions: $135/single, $1,280/ten
Duet: $90/single, $850/ten
Trio: $70/single, $660/ten


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