Don’t miss a beat…pilates is now available in your home.

Just like in-person classes – your favorite times, your favorite teachers – and you don’t need to leave your home.


Online Classes

Think of this virtual classroom as a live single classroom – this “room” is where all of our online classes will take place, so please only enter 5-10 minutes early to troubleshoot any technical issues, as another session might be wrapping up. Your audio will automatically be muted upon entrance to the classroom though you can always turn the audio on if needed!

  1. SCHEDULE PAGE Sign into class via MindBody as you normally would.
  2. WAIVER FOR ONLINE CLASSES. Fill out the first time only!


Best practices for taking classes online:

  • You will need good quality wifi of course.
  • Switch your screen saver to 1 hour or never.
  • Use a laptop, if possible, positioned higher than you and angled down. A cell phone or tablet works too, though it can be harder to position, and harder to see the screen.
  • Wear clothing that contrasts with the surface that you are lying on.
  • Carpets, yoga mats, and rugs are all great surfaces for practicing Pilates.
  • Set yourself up so that the light source is coming from in front of you, not behind.
  • Square your mat to the room, not the camera. This will give your teacher the best possible view.


Class Cards

Your current Mat/MELT/Springboard packages will be valid for all online classes. Reserve a spot in class through our schedule page, mobile app, or MindBody app as normal, then follow the instructions below to enter the virtual classroom.


Insiders Club UNLIMITED Pass

All online classes are available for those with Insiders Club Passes. We’re waiving the 3-month minimum during this not-normal time period. Learn more.


Financially Impacted by Covid-19?

For those suffering significant financial impact due to the current shelter in place order, we’re offering a 50% discount on single drop-in lessons. If you’re still employed and still doing OK, we ask that you still pay full price, or use your current class card or unlimited option. If you’ve lost your job or are struggling right now, please use the discount code of SHELTER50.


Scholarship Fund

While many members of our community are working from home with full pay and benefits, many others have lost their income either partially or completely. For those that are small business owners or independent contractors unemployment assistance is not available. To help the members of our community who need the stress relief of Pilates but can’t afford it, we’re starting a need-based scholarship. But, in order to fund the scholarship we need DONATIONS from those that can afford it! Suggested donation is anywhere between $5 and $500. If you have lost your income and can not afford to take class please email us – we’ll use the scholarship to provide you with free classes. To get through this, we need each other.


Temporary Cancellation Policy

We know that many of your lives were significantly shifted, and so last minute changes are the new normal. So, while we’re teaching online, or new cancellation policy for group classes is 15 minutes, and for private lessons is 24 hours. Any cancellation within those very short windows will be charged in full. Of course, if you’re feeling sick, please let us know so we can waive that policy for you.