Mixed Mat Class

This class welcomes all levels, from beginning to intermediate! No matter the level when you begin, we will help you hone your Pilates repertoire, align your alignment and muscle up your muscles. Been sitting too much? Been running around all day? This class will help you leave it all behind and get you into the now. Not appropriate for those with an acute injury.


Intermediate Mat Class

A class designed for those with Pilates experience, a knowledge of the Classical Mat Repertoire and a healthy body.


Advanced Mat Class

A mat class designed for those who want to build incredible strength, have a healthy body and knowledge of the Pilates Mat Work. This class will flow through the Classical order without stopping for corrections or modifications.


Better Bones

Build strength and stability, improve balance and circulation. This 55 minute class is designed to be safe for people with osteoporosis or osteopenia, and is good for anyone wanting to move and feel great. No Pilates experience necessary.



This Pilates-based class will have you standing, moving, balancing, and all over the place. Barre classes focus on body parts one at a time, building both strength and flexibility. You’ll need to have two things. First, a stable surface to hold onto. Ordinarily a ballet barre is used, though the back of a chair or a counter works great! Second you’ll want 1, 2, or 3 lb weights. If you don’t have hand weights, soup cans work perfectly! See you at the barre!


Fine Print:

SCHEDULE a class, or BUY NOW from our online store. 
Mat/MELT/Barre/Better Bones/Springboard classes: $30 single class, $115/5 classes, $200/10 classes

New Client Special: 3 classes for $45
Monthly Class Pass: The Insiders Club
Class cards are good for 3 months.