Clasped hands in pilates class.

“The More I Practice, the Luckier I Get”

This quote, courtesy of Arnold Palmer, is my current favorite. I am a firm believer in making your own luck. I’m not talking about the “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and make a fortune no matter what your upbringing” kind of thing. I mean the “Do everything in your power to effect change” kind of thing. My business is teaching people to be healthy. It’s my business because it’s my passion. I love moving and will do just about anything to remain strong and active. As I approach 60, it takes more effort. (Not unlike how much more effort (and make up) it takes to get the “no-makeup” look since crossing the line of 30). I want to encourage my community to take the effort to stay strong and healthy. Yes, some things are beyond our control. But if we are consistently getting enough sleep, eating mostly healthful foods and drinking mostly healthful drinks, maintaining a physical practice that includes working out a minimum of 3 times a week, and being active every single day, we will be better able to handle what life throws us. To that end, I am offering a Stay Strong Special. To participate and win a free copy of my CD, please donate this February-March, 2017 to one of these wonderful organizations:

Planned Parenthood


The Southern Poverty Law Center

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