RejuVacation Retreat 2017

Costa Rica 2017
We started out at the Adventure Inn, where the pool was glorious, the weather perfect, and we were all so hungry that we almost didn’t mind the blandest dinner this side of 1820. The next morning we headed out in a lovely air conditioned bus to Vida Asana, stopping only to spy on the “cocodrilos” (crocodiles) at the Tarcoles Bridge. Once at Vida Asana, we were warmly greeted by Sean and company. It was a bit silly how nice it felt to have both a glass and a cup with my name on them. I had no idea how special a labeler can make a person feel. We settled in and soon gathered for our first MELT class. The Yoga Shala nestled in the jungle was very inviting and I tried to convince the people who were dragged to the retreat (you know who you are) that MELT actually is a pleasant thing to do.


Food, Fun and Fitness
We then gathered for the first of a slew of fabulous meals. It was a shock to some that eating super fresh, gluten and dairy free meals could be so satisfying. Or does it just taste that much better when someone else is doing the shopping, cooking and cleaning up? The week continued to unfold with a hike across hanging bridges, a dip in a waterfall, surfing, swimming in the pool and at the beach, bike rides, zip lining, yoga with a ridiculously beautiful instructor, time in a “temescal” (sweat lodge), a music and sangria night, our own awards ceremony and many gorgeous sunsets at the beach. You know it’s a successful trip when the worst thing that happens is a dog peeing on your suitcase.


Our Next Retreat
So now, as I vacuum the sand out of my suitcase, I find myself planning next year’s trip. But first, I think I want to bask in the glory of our time in Costa Rica. If you were unable to join us this year and are considering our next adventure, call us at 415.648.4911 and save the date: April 8-15, 2018.

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