Women hike to pilates and MELT retreat lodge in Costa Rica

Notes from our 2016 Retreat in Nicaragua

Nicaragua 2016
This past April I lead a retreat to Nicaragua. Being at a retreat is great, teaching at a retreat is even better and leading a retreat is the best yet. I was able to pick the place, which ask anyone, was amazing. The food was delicious, we didn’t to give up caffeine and those who wanted to, enjoyed a cocktail or two in the evenings. We swam, hiked, kayaked, did MELT, Pilates and even a laughing yoga class.


No Decision-Lots of Fun
Probably the most amazing part of a retreat is not having to make a decision or organize your time. Our lives in general involve way too much decision making. We have 20 different varieties of apples to choose from not to mention every other fruit that is grown anywhere on the planet. It’s hard to express how relaxing it is to have all that taken care of.


Not an Indulgence but a Maintenance
If this sounds too indulgent for you, remember my German friend’s mantra, “A relaxed mom is a good mom.” Substitute the word teacher, spouse, partner, coder, lawyer, butcher, baker, candlestick maker for mom and you get the idea. I encourage everyone to take some time for themselves to refresh.


Our Next Retreat
Join us on our next Rejuvacation Retreat next year in Costa Rica, February 18-26th. Call 415.648.4911 to sign up.

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