6-week Pilates Equipment Immersion
In this course students will spend two lessons immersed in the Reformer, two in the Tower, and two in the Wunda Chair. Students will gain a deep understanding of how to use the different apparatus, while using the magic of springs to engage and elongate their muscles. Students will be able to join intermediate level apparatus courses after this introduction course is completed. This course is excellent for beginning Pilates students who have never used the large equipment, as well as intermediate/advanced students that want to get deeper into their practice. AND this is an excellent series for anyone considering Pilates teacher training. You will leave invigorated, elongated, strengthened, and challenged. SIGN UP HERE

Level: Beginning or Intermediate
Total Participants: 3
Dates: 2019 dates TBD, held on Sunday mornings
Time: 9:00am – 10:00am


Smiling woman with grasped hands in a Pilates classIntroduction to MELT

A one time 90 minute class where students will experience how easy it is to release stuck stress, relieve aches and pains and enhance performance using the MELT balls and soft roller. Cost: $50 single class.

The next introduction to MELT class is on Saturday September 21st 2019 from 2:00 – 3:30pm. SIGN UP HERE.

SMALL Central-Nervous-System-Nerve-PainA NEW APPROACH TO PILATES:
Practical Applications of Nervous System Theory to Pilates Teaching & Practice

In this workshop, we will explore the autonomic nervous system and its critical relationship to Pilates exercises. The workshop will broaden your perspective of teaching and performing Pilates exercises as you learn to read your client’s body and their state of being through the map of the nervous system. This workshop will teach you how to recognize the states of hyper, freeze, and hypo-arousal, and how to help someone come into balance and regulation through a series of very specific interventions within the scope of Pilates. *Change the way you see Pilates movement and how you teach it. *Understand the nervous system to understand why people cannot perform certain movements and exercises or let go of held patterns. *Learn what it means to change the brain to change the body. *Learn to recognize the subtle signs of when a client is disembodied from surgery, accidents, falls and brain injuries. *Become aware of your impact in teaching, and understand how you may be helping or impeding a client’s progress after an accident. *Develop greater skills in working with clients with brain injuries.



Deepen Your Connection for Freedom & Effortless Strength

In this workshop we will explore a forgotten aspect of Pilates – the proper use of springs. We will discover how a true relationship with the springs will bring about core strength and freedom from extraneous tension. Too often we struggle against the equipment, the challenge of the exercise and our own habitual patterns. We will look at how the improper use of springs serves to hinder us, impede the flow of the exercise and at times can even distort our relationship to the work and to our clients. Through proper relationship with the springs, we will discover how to effortlessly bring forth the exercise, connect immediately into core, correct imbalances including scoliosis, and further reflect and support intrinsic health. This deepens our relationship to Pilates and can have far reaching effects on our relationship with ourselves and our world.