Springboard Class

Super popular. Pilates training intensified by the resistance of springs. Class size limited to 10 people. Cost: $20 single class, $90/5 classes, $170/10 classes.


Reformer Class

A wonderful and affordable way to get on the equipment more than once a week. This class is limited to 4 people to ensure that you maximize your workout. Cost: $50 single class, $240/5, $450/10.


Wunda Chair Class

The chair is the most advanced of all Pilates equipment. Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? This class is limited to 4 people. Consent of the instructor is required. Cost: $50 single class, $240/5, $450/10..


Mixed Apparatus Class

Are you curious about the Pilates equipment? Do you want to change up your Pilates routine from week to week? Try our Mixed Apparatus class. Each week we’ll use a different piece of equipment: the Reformer, the Springboard, Spine Corrector and the Wunda Chair. For people with previous experience on the Pilates equipment. Cost: $50 single class, $240/5, $450/10.


Instructor-level Mixed Apparatus Class

Class designed for Pilates instructors and instructors-in-training using the Reformer, Wunda Chair, or Springboard. Must be familiar with the Intermediate/Advanced repertoire on all equipment. Cost: $50 single class, $240/5, $450/10.


Fine Print

Our equipment classes are ongoing. Springboard classes are limited to 10 people. Reformer, Wunda Chair and Mixed Apparatus classes are limited to 4 people. Class cards are good for 3 months.

Prerequisite: a minimum of 3 private lessons, no acute injuries and consent of the instructor.