RejuVacation Retreat 2017

Costa Rica 2017 We started out at the Adventure Inn, where the pool was glorious, the weather perfect, and we were all so hungry that we almost didn't mind the blandest dinner this side of 1820. The next morning we headed out in a lovely air...

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Two women reading by the pool during a pilates and MELT retreat.

Here is a Typical Retreat Day…….

Get up   Drink a delicious fruit smoothy and/or a cup of fabulous coffee or tea   Take an active class without having to worry about parking or getting 10 calls during the 55 minutes.   Eat a delicious breakfast THAT YOU DIDN'T PREPARE   Go swimming, kayaking, lounging   Eat a delicious lunch THAT...

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Why I Am Offering Retreats

  My First Retreat Experience Many years ago when I was in the midst of a difficult (is there any other kind?) divorce I went on my first retreat. It was a Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon yoga retreat at The Apple Farm with my favorite yoga...

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