Want to help others find spontaneous zest and pleasure? Become a Pilates Instructor at Sanchez Street Studios with Carol LeMaitre and Sharon Gallagher.

To complete the Comprehensive Teacher Training and to qualify for a Certificate of Completion students must attend all three modules, complete the required hours and test out of Mat and Equipment Modules. A Certificate of Completion from Sanchez Street Studio qualifies the student to sit for the PMA certification exam. Modules may be taken individually.

To find out more or to sign-up, contact Carol LeMaitre at 415.648.4911.

Mat Module (5 weeks, September 27th – November 2nd, 2013) - Students learn the fundamental skills involved in understanding and teaching the Pilates Method.  Our approach to teaching the classic Pilates exercises is informed by the art of cueing and use of imagery.  The students learn Intro – Super Advanced level exercises coupled with functional anatomy and kinesiology training as it relates to teaching the exercises.  We will discuss modifications and variations including use of the Foam Roller, Thera-band, and Magic Circle.  The students are required to attend the 30 hours of lecture and also complete 25 mat classes, 50 hours of self-practice, 25 hours of observation, 50 hours of practice teaching and 10 private lessons (2 of which are observed performance, 3 of which are observed teaching).  $1250. Test Out (3 hour performance test and 3 hour written test) $250.

Immersion Module (6 weeks, February 21st – March 29th, 2014) - Students learn Intro-Intermediate level exercises on the Reformer, Cadillac/Wall Unit, and Wunda Chair.  All students are required to attend the 36 hours of lecture and also practice with a partner throughout the training.  This is a prerequisite for the Equipment program to allow the students to understand the basic concepts and movements of each exercise and how the mat skills are applied on the equipment.  The students will be required to complete 25 mat classes, 25 group equipment classes, 50 hours self practice, 25 hours of observation and 10 private lessons (3 of which are observed performance).  $1500.                                           

Equipment Module (7 weeks, April 4th – May 31st, 2014) - Students will learn the Intro-Super Advanced level exercises on the Reformer, Cadillac/Wall Unit, Chair, and Barrels.  The students will evolve their understanding of the exercises to the perspective of teaching and cueing effectively.   We will also discuss modifications, variations and contraindications for specific populations.  The students are required to attend all 42 hours of lecture, 25 mat classes, 25 group equipment classes, 100 hours of self-practice, 50 hours of observation and 250 hours practice teaching and 10 private lessons (3 of which are observed teaching).  $2200. Test Out (3 hour performance test and 3 hour written test) $250.


Comprehensive Teacher Training – To qualify for a Certificate of Completion students must complete the three modules listed above for a total of 841 hours broken out into:

  • 200 Self Practice (self guided)
  • 100 Observation
  • 250 Practice Teaching (there is an opportunity to become an apprentice at 200 hours)
  • 108 Lecture/Demonstration
  • 24 Private Lessons
  • 50 Group Equipment Classes
  • 50 Mat Classes
  • 10 Anatomy Camp
  • 5 Practical Exams
  • 3 Written Exams

Total Cost

Private Lessons $2100 Group Classes $1360 approx. Mat Classes $715 approx.

Lecture Series $4950
Test Outs $500
Texts $60 approx.