How do you start?

There are three great ways to get started. Please call us if you would like to discuss which approach would be best for you 415-648-4911.

1. Dip a toe in the water and show up to a drop-in mat class for a mere $18. Drop-ins are always welcome, space permitting, and a great way to check us out. The Beginning Mat class, Mondays at 6pm is a great option if you’re a beginner.

2. Dive in by signing up for the New Student Special of 3 private sessions for $175, regularly $225. (A great choice if you are working with an injury or want to use that personal attention to dig deep). Master Instructors, Carol and Sharon are excluded from this deal. Please call the studio if you would like to book with them.

Who benefits from Pilates?

  • People who would like more energy to enjoy their life.
  • People who would like to look taller and feel stronger and more supple.
  • People who are recovering from an acute or chronic injury.
  • People who are preparing for or recovering from labor and delivery.

Regardless of how you begin, you’ll learn the basics under the watchful eyes of one of our precise and personable trainers. Learn more about specific classesTo Enroll  Please check the Schedule page for class times.

What to Wear?

While it’s not a requirement, we recommend that you take class barefoot and wear workout clothes that aren’t baggy. This lets us see which muscles are working and correct any asymmetries quickly. That said, we urge you to wear what is most comfortable for you. This is not about being a fashion plate.