Carol LeMaitre, PMA CPT

Carol was first introduced to the Pilates Method at St. Francis Hospital’s Dance Medicine Clinic, the first hospital to offer Pilates as a rehabilitative therapy. Pilates was so successful at healing her back injury that Carol returned to her life as a touring professional dancer; healed, strengthened and even more flexible. This inspired her to become a teacher, studying first with Jennifer Stacey, then with Ellie Herman.

Carol has also used Pilates to prepare for and recuperate from the birth of her two sons. In 1997, Carol opened Sanchez Street Studios as a humble one woman operation with no equipment. It has since grown to include six wonderful trainers, all of the Pilates equipment and a thriving teacher training program. Carol’s Pilates workout CDs are available at the studio, through iTunes and through Balanced Body.

Carol is a certified Pilates Trainer through the Pilates Method Alliance and has completed the Master’s Program at the Pilates Center of Boulder.


Sharon Gallagher

With over 30 years of sports, dance and movement study and more than 13 years of bodywork and Pilates teaching experience, Sharon Gallagher has an experienced, holistic and innovative approach to the Pilates method.Through her extensive studies with Pilates elders, master instructors and healers, she has developed an encyclopedic knowledge of the classical repertoire, modern variations, rehabilitation techniques, and a gift for cueing subtleties of movement.

Sharon’s approach as a Pilates instructor is greatly influenced by her movement training in Dance, Yoga, Gymnastics, Feldenkrais, the Franklin Method, Aerial Dance, and sports. As a professional dancer (currently Printz Dance Project), Yogini, Pilates instructor trainer and mentor, Sharon continues to evolve her understanding of biomechanics through her students, peers and continued studies.  Blending her training in the neuromuscular reeducation work of Vladimir Janda, MD, and the bodywork techniques of Stephen Coleman, L.Ac., Sharon fuses her healing work with the balancing physical training of Pilates.

Sharon is currently enrolled in the Masters Program through the Pilates Center of Boulder, CO and considers herself an eternal student of movement.  In 2006, Sharon developed the Sanchez Street Pilates Teacher Training Program with Carol LeMaitre, now called Pilates Education Lab, which has prepared some very talented teachers.


Andrea Bonfante

Andrea took a circuitous path to Pilates. As the manager of an antiques store, she loved her weekly Pilates class. Before long, she found herself taking several classes a week. Inspired by the positive changes she experienced in her body, Andrea realized she would love to help others in the same way.

Her passion for Pilates soon became her full-time job and she enrolled in the Sanchez Street Teacher Training Program. Under the guidance of Carol LeMaitre and Sharon Gallagher, Andrea emerged from the program with a thorough understanding of the Pilates Method and an intense desire to share her knowledge with others.

Since completing the program in February 2010, Andrea has continued her education by studying with top instructors in the Pilates and movement field: Cara Reeser, Tom McCook, Lolita San Miguel, Amy Lange, Madeline Black, Mercy Sidbury, and Blossom Leilani-Crawford, to name a few. Her studies have included Anatomy, the Pelvic Floor, Scoliosis, PNF Patterning, Laban/Bartenieff work, and the Franklin Method. A perpetual student of Pilates, Andrea is always expanding her knowledge and looking to bring informed instruction to her clients and group classes. She believes strongly in Pilates and the possibilities it affords everyone.

Andrea has a thoughtful teaching style, and loves to focus on the details of the work to bring the most enriching experience to any session or class she teaches.
She is currently enrolled in the Master’s Program at the Pilates Center of Boulder.


Matt White

Matt came to Pilates from the circus. A circus performer and teacher for the past 10 years, Matt was drawn to Pilates to learn how to refine his strengths and reshape his weaknesses into a deeper, flowing and nuanced body.

In 2008, while taking a break from being on the road, Matt began work at Red Hawk Physical Therapy as an aide. As he learned the basics of anatomy and trained patients in fundamental movement, the fires of curiosity were ignited and he was soon hungry for more…which lead him to Carol LeMaitre and Sharon Gallagher’s Pilates Teacher Training program.

Completing the program in 2008, Matt firmly believes that Pilates can open the door of possibility for all people. He likes to teach with humor, a strong work ethic, a passion for understanding, and the tiniest splash of showmanship.


Suhl Chin

Hobbled with injuries after decades of running, Suhl started Pilates in 2002 and was amazed at her increased flexibility, strength and alignment after just a few sessions.  She continues to run injury-free, and most recently ran the 2011 SF marathon.

Suhl has since completed Carol LeMaitre and Sharon Gallagher’s teacher training program.  She believes that body awareness is the key to making changes, and strives to bring the “aha” moment to her clients. Suhl enjoys working with both athletes and less active adults rediscovering their body awareness.


Iddy Richardson

Born to move, Iddy began her life happily bouncing in a springy chair and energetically dancing off the couches of her parent’s living room. Many years later, Iddy discovered the wonders of Pilates while studying dance at Saint Mary’s college.  Continuing her Pilates training, Iddy studied mat techniques with Leah Putnam of Integrated Teacher Training and equipment training with Tom McCook.

Iddy continues to grow her library of expertise with continued studies in Pilates, human anatomy, MET, yoga, Gyrotonic, Feldenkrais, dance, TRX, trampoline, swimming, muscle confusion, and total body fitness.

In addition to teaching Pilates, Iddy combines her many interests teaching TRX Pilates fusion, Dance workout for the Rhythm & Motion program and Group Interval Training classes.  Iddy also has an extensive background teaching children swimming, dance and physical education.