Deb Creative Director

"After a two-level spine fusion, I had an awkward gait, a turned-out foot, and acute episodes of recurring pain in my back and hip. Today, I'm in the best shape I've been in since before those surgeries and I'm pain-free."


Mark Interior Architect

"I became resigned to never feeling truly pain free again, waking up each morning in extreme discomfort, feeling old before my time. Then came Pilates and Sanchez Street Studios."


Sheila Independent Consultant

"It's an hour I get to spend focused on my body. The classes are challenging without being the least bit threatening. Everybody's incredibly supportive."


Carolyn Artist

"What amazes me about Sanchez Street Studios is that each and every instructor I’ve worked with there is this crazy combination of cute, fun, talented, supportive and extremely knowledgeable."


Amy Doula & Event Producer

"Carol is a superb teacher. She's got a great sense of humor, which makes your sessions much more pleasant as you grow stronger and leaner and laugh harder. She knows her stuff!"


Nancy Project Manager & Mom

"I’ve tried different exercise programs and routines and none really stuck. Pilates doesn’t feel like a chore — it’s a design for a lifetime, and it gives me strength, energy and peace of mind."